The Draft Animal-Power Network Presents:

 Draft Animal-Power Field Days

Cummington Fairgrounds, Cummington MA

September 24 - 27, 2015

Planning is in full swing for the 2015 DAPFD four-day
program including all the workshops, equipment demos, presentations and networking you have come to expect!

Thursday All Day Intensive Workshops

These four workshops will give participants a chance to spend the whole day in a small group, learning from experienced teamsters and gaining some hands on experience.


Come Join Experienced Teamsters Sue Brennan, Donn Hewes, and Michael Glos as we explore getting started with draft animal power.  Working with horses from Donn and Sue’s farms we will cover everything from why horses work for people to how to harness and drive successfully.  This hands - on workshop will emphasis safety with working animals and how to build a relationship based on communication and leadership. 



Learn the basics of oxen care, handling, equipment, driving and training oxen. Join us for some hands on experience with these lesser known draft animals, and see how working cattle can fit into your farm, forest or homestead. Instructors: Erika Marczak, Kaleigh Hamel, DJ Clary and Ray Ludwig.


This workshop will explore methods and techniques for teaching beginning teamsters. Many new farms would like to add interns, friends, and family members to the ranks of those that can “drive the team”. This program will consider what and how to make this step safely, keeping the best interests of the horses a top priority, while maximizing production capacity: We will discuss and demonstrate many proven ways to help new teamsters understand the mechanics and psychology of working with horses that minimizes negative effects on the horses. Bring your questions and topics of discussion! Content will be tailored to individual questions and needs.
Instructors: Neal and Rebekah Perry


Horses, mules or oxen working in forestry are a tool. The question is how best to apply that tool for the maximum benefit of the woodlands, standing timber and landowners. Draft animals have a unique opportunity to re-enter American woodlands and act as an agent for positive change, potentially resulting in long term health and growth of the forest. This demonstration will be open to State Foresters, land owners and beginning teamsters. Hands on experiences will be limited but there will be lots of opportunities to ask questions see many aspects of this fascinating management tool.
Lead by: Tom Jenkins and others. Presented in a wood lot across the street from the fair grounds.

The fee for these workshops also includes a weekend pass to the event. By pre-registration only.  Participant Fee $120     Apprentice Fee $100

Contact Donn Hewes to Register:

Friday & Saturday Programing

Working Oxen, Horses & Mules in Practical Application

A full schedule of training workshops, equipment demos, educational presentations, round table discussions, networking opportunities, haying, plowing, cultivating, forestry & More!

Come see working draft animals in action, visit our vendors and have some great family fun!

Day Admission:  $15     Weekend Pass:  $25

Under 16 & Over 65:  Free

Sunday Activities

Draft Animal-Power Network Annual Meeting

Obstacle Course Challenge

Ice Cream Social 

Would you like to be involved in the DAPFD Event? It takes a lot of people and resources to present an event of this size! We invite you to join us as a presenter, vendor, exhibitor or volunteer!

If you are interested in more information or would like to make a sponsorship donation

please contact Emily Langer at or 860-942-4955.

2015 Fundraiser: Foal Raffle

Would you pay $3 for a registered Suffolk Punch foal? Well, okay, let's rephrase that... Would you pay $3 for a chance to win a registered Suffolk Punch foal?

Get your tickets now! DAPNet's 2015 fundraiser is in full swing and we invite you to join us.

John Hammond and North Star Livery are donating a 2015 foal for the raffle, which will be held at the Draft Animal-Power Field Days in September.

Once the foal is weaned it will go to Neal & Rebekah Perry for a few weeks of handling and baby training, then it will be at the Field Days to meet it's new owner! The winner need not be present to win, but we hope you will be there to meet the foal!

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