Friday Intensives at the Draft Animal-Power Field Days

September 29th, 2017 at the Cornish NH Fairgrounds

Friday, September 29th of the 2017 Draft Animal Power Field Days will host 4 intensive all day workshops: Forest to Frame; Seed to Sale; Begin; Beginning Teamster; and Train Your Horse. Our goal is to offer an in depth look at forestry, cultivation, and training with a smaller number of interested participants who will have an opportunity to drive animals in the context of that workshop.

For the Forest to Frame Workshop, Carl Russell has developed a comprehensive harvesting plan for a section of the Cornish NH Fairgrounds forest that can highlight the effectiveness of draft animal power and show how forestry objectives can be implemented to enhance ownership and community goals, to invest in residual stand improvement, to show the effectiveness of draft animal in the woods, and to demonstrate that logging is more than dragging logs. Carl and other experienced loggers and foresters will be demonstrating and discussing planning the harvest, starting the harvest, working with animals in the woods, and timber harvesting equipment for draft animals. This workshop is aimed at teamsters who want to or are presently working in the woods with draft animal power and at landowners who are interested in the possibility of using draft animal power.

The Seed to Sale Workshop will be led by Stephen Leslie at his Cedar Mountain Farm in Hartland VT about 20 minutes from the Cornish Fairgrounds in Cornish NH.  Stephen who will be joined by Michael Glos, David Fisher, and Miriam Goler will start with a farm tour which will be followed by as survey of all the equipment used to manage a market garden with horse power.  There will then be demonstrations of  how to use tillage equipment, focusing on cultivation as it is perhaps the most technically interesting aspect  Hands on experience is available for those with some experience.  There will also be a discussion of the economics of draft powered veggie production, covering  interns, employees, laws and benefits if the participants are interested.

The Beginning Teamster Workshop will offer instruction for the beginner on actually harnessing and driving a team and single horse . It will start with an explanation of working horses and safety. Then in small groups with one-on-one instruction, participants will learn to harness and drive a wheeled vehicle and ground drive with a log. All ages are welcome. The class will be limited to 10. Come experience driving a draft horse!

The Begin, Transition, and Grow Your Farm  Workshop unfortunately had to be cancelled.

The Bring Your Horse to the Trainer will be set up a little bit differently.  Neal & Rebekah Perry are lifelong horse trainers, using horses in their farm operation on a regular basis in addition to training light horses for saddle and harness work. This day-long session will cover the basics of their two standard programs, tailored to meet the needs of the horses and owners who are present. Physical Therapy Bitting Program is used to teach horses to yield to the bit (“steering”) and develop proper muscling so they can work effectively and efficiently.  It is a great way to teach young horses and is a “tune-up” tool for older horses as well. 5 Steps to a Great Drive could be described as “round-pen basics in a bottle” to use when you don’t have a round pen or don’t know what to do in the pen you have. These steps act as a checklist to take a young horse from “0-60” in a safe, logical progression that can result in a horse who is “on your team.” Learn from your horse(s) and each other.  Bring your choice of harness, saddle, etc.  The cost is $100 per horse for multiple short sessions during the day and pre-registration is required.

All Friday intensives last from 9 am to 4 pm with a break for lunch and food is available on site. The cost is $60 per registrant which includes Friday and the whole weekend.  Dinner will be available at the Fairgrounds at 6:00. A Square Dance called by Bob Boynton is at 7:30pm.

For more information, call 802-763-0771 or email To register, go to the DAPNet  website: