Weekend Workshops

September 30th and October 1st


SATURDAY is for everyone interested in draft animal power. From 8:30 until 4:30, there will be over 25 presentations throughout the Fair- grounds. After a good dinner and brief Annual Meetings of the ASHA and the DAPNet, there will be a Teamster RoundTable discussion followed by music around the campfire. All this for $15 pp with children under 12 and camping for free.

Getting the Most From Your Animals:
Physical Therapy Bitting Program
5 Steps to a Great Drive
Round Pen Acceptance
Buying Good Horses
Creating an Ideal Management Plan for Healthy Hooves
Butt rope, Foot Rope, and Jockey Stick
Integrating Breeding into Farm Plan
Basic Vet Care for Horses and Oxen
Working with Oxen
Basic Vet Care for Horses and Oxen
Working in the Woods:
Planning and Starting the Harvest
Timber Harvesting Equipment
Working with Animals in the Woods
Forestry Tours

Harness and Equipment:
D-Ring Harness
Buying and Maintaining Equipment
Mower Rebuilding
Meaders Supply

Working in the Fields:

All Day:
Timber Framing
Horse Drawn Wagon Rides
Make Your Own Stone Boat ($115)
Blacksmith Shop
Visit with the Mules
Silent Auction

Children on the Farm
Women Teamsters
Annual Meeting of the American
Suffolk Horse Association
Annual Meeting of Draft Animal-Power Network
Teamster Roundtable


Animal Power in Ballads with Jay Bailey on the Fiddle
Music around the Campfire

SUNDAY is a very full half day focused on the skills of the animals, enjoying ourselves, and a little fundraising. Entrance is free for for veterans, children under 12, and anyone bringing a suitable item for auctioning by 9 am. Otherwise it is $10pp to join us.
7:00 – 8:00 The Teamsters’ Breakfast
9:00 -11:00 A versatility Obstacle Course and Teamster Challenge with a prize for the best single and the best team of Horses, Ponies, Mules,
and Oxen
Multiple Hitch Demonstration
Clean Up the Woods Operations
11:15 Live Auction with Phil Warren ending with auctioning the 10’ x14’ Timber Frame Building
11:30 Silent Auction Closes
12:00 Noon Lunch
Harness Raffle Chosen and Silent Auction Winners Chosen