Michael Glos, Berkshire, NY

John Smolinsky, Greensboro Bend, VT

Jared Woodcock, Cambridge, NY

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Jared Woodcock, 1023 Shunpike Road, Cambridge, NY 2816, timberdoodlehorselogging@gmail.com   


Jared Woodcock owns and operates Taproots Farm with his wife Shannon, and two kids, Calla, and Shiloh. He is the Agriculture Coordinator for SUNY Adirondack a small community college in the southern Adirondacks and is developing both credit and noncredit programs in sustainable agriculture. Jared has a broad range of interests but most importantly he just wants to have a good time!


John Smolinsky, 393 Stannard Mountain Road, Greensboro Bend VT 05842, ebforestryservices@gmail.com   


John Smolinsky was introduced to working animals in 2010 when he started at Sterling College in Craftsbury Common Vermont. He went on to Intern with Carl Russell, 30 year horse logger in Bethel Vermont. Following his internship he started his own small logging business using a Belgian draft horse.  Earthbound Forestry Services focuses on low volume, high frequency harvest within the parameters of a silvicultural management plan. John focuses on putting the ecological integrity of the forest first by using horses special draft capability within a harvest. The goal is to work with landowners so that they can understand how harvests provide long-term health and strength to the forests economic engine within a healthy and strong ecosystem.

Michael Glos, 9398 West Creek Road, Berkshire, NY 13736, michaelfarmerbreeder@gmail.com


I have farmed with my wife Karma and daughter Rosemary for the last 20 years at Kingbird Farm in Berkshire, NY.  We operate a diverse certified organic farm producing vegetables, herbs, plants, pork, beef, duck, chicken, and eggs. We have done this from the beginning with the assistance of draft horses and ponies ranging from Percherons and Belgians to our current Fjords and Haflinger. They are active in the woods in the fields and woods as we all continue to learn and grow together.