Bios for Teamsters & Presenters at the DAPFD

Jonathon “Tyler” Allen is the resident ox teamster at Sanborn Mills Farm. He comes from a farming family in Lee, New Hampshire where he grew up working with animals including oxen. As a member of the New Hampshire 4-H Working Steer Program, he began training, exhibiting, and competing with steers and oxen at a very young age. Tyler is a graduate of SUNY Cobleskill where he received a Bachelor’s Degree in Agricultural Business. In addition to working the oxen at Sanborn Mills Farm, Tyler keeps oxen at his family farm that he uses to work their woodlot. He actively competes at local county and state fairs.

Jay and Janet Bailey have been diversified family farmers at “Fair Winds Farm” in Brattleboro for 38 years. Working as a farmer, Jay has collected a unique repertoire of songs that mirror the rhythms of farm life. His singing and fiddle playing are a direct expression of his love for the land and for the seasonal changes that determine the yearly progression of work that are essential to farming. The songs, tunes and recollections will cover many topics, including the changing seasons, working with horses, stone walls, haying and the beauty of living out of doors and close to the land in New England.

Cassidy Bedard is a certified hoof care practitioner from Hartford ME who grew up training and competing horses in multiple disciplines along the East Coast. She has been a farrier for 7 years and is currently the Maine Farrier Association Secretary. Her passion is to understand and allow horses the comfort of healthy and balanced hoof care.n She has also studied aspects of Bodywork such as massage therapy, Myofascial release, etc to supplement her ideology of whole horse health. She grew up and still currently resides in Hartford Maine on a small hobby farm consisting of: a mini driving mule, a mini driving horse, 3 saddle horses, 3 dogs and a pair of oxen.

Tim Biello owns Featherbed Lane Farm in Charlton, NY which is a draft horse powered, full year CSA focusing on diversified vegetable production, growing vegetables for fresh eating and storage throughout the winter and their flock of 100 laying hens.

Robert Boynton is the owner of Boynton’s Yokes ‘n’ Bows in Dunbarton  NH.  He started showing steers in the 4H and using oxen at home spreading manure and hauling wood. He started making his own equipment and began selling the extras, leading to the founding of Boynton’s Yokes ’n’ Bows in 1980.

Ben Canonica lives in Chelsea, VT on a diversified farm he manages with his wife Meg.  A team of Percheron mares currently provides power for the small acreage of vegetables and the management of their woodlot, in combination with some specialized equipment.  Off the farm, Ben runs his business; Canonica Farm & Forest Services, providing landowners with a variety of excavation services from clearing to finish grading; trail systems and stone work. Ben also completes river restoration projects throughout Vermont and NH and conducts hybrid horse logging projects for his clients using his team in conjunction with specialized forwarding equipment.   Ben enjoys tackling challenging and unusual projects as well as the relationships that are created with the clients, ranging from individual landowners and non profits to state and federal agencies.

Elissa Pollak DVM of the Claremont Animal Hospital did an equine internship at Myhre Equine Clinic and has been in general practice for three years.

Sara Dougherty works at Paul Smith’s College in the NY Adirondacks assisting in their draft horse management programming and class instruction. She teaches students from all backgrounds how to properly handle a horse, provide routine care, and drive different implements in agricultural and forestry settings. Paul Smith’s has recently paired up with a donor and are looking forward to expanding our program and purchasing a new team!

David Fisher has exclusively relied on workhorses to power the Natural Roots Farm in Conway, Massachusetts since the year 2000.  With his family and crew of apprentices, he manages about 9 acres of produce, berries, and soil building crops to provide for a 200 member CSA in the summer and fall, as well as a 50 member CSA through the winter.  He manages 20 acres of grass for loose hay and pasture to feed the working herd of six horses.  The farm also raises chickens and hogs and manages a 100 acre woodlot, which yields fuel wood and saw logs for the farm’s mill.

Jay Fisher is a teacher of the life sciences to high school students in Langdon, NH. Jay works with horses when he is not teaching, and sometimes when he is. His primary team is a pair of Percherons who do  a lot of carriage work, logging, mowing, and spreading manure. Eventually, Jay hopes to plow and cultivate his garden with his team.  He has travelled a lot including  to Alaska for the Student Conservation Association, where he worked with students building trails in wilderness areas. Lately, Jay has been creating a new home on his and Sara’s farm in Charlestown NH and spending any extra time working on DAPNet. He is looking forward to helping DAPNet continue creating opportunities for folks like himself to learn and practice needed farming and logging skills.

Dave and Samantha Gibaldi own Gibaldi Family Farm in Montgomery, NY and are the owners of the mules, Neenah and Gypsy. In the past, the Gibaldis have raised various livestock, but are presently transitioning to a draft powered vegetable production farm with goat milk products. They are new to DAPNet and are looking forward to becoming more involved. They will be accompanied by Dave Denman, an experienced mule teamster.

Michael Glos has farmed with his wife Karma and daughter Rosemary for the last 20 years at Kingbird Farm in Berkshire, NY.  They operate a diverse certified organic farm producing vegetables, herbs, plants, pork, beef, duck, chicken, and eggs. From the beginning, they have farmed with the assistance of draft horses and ponies ranging from Percherons and Belgians to their current Fjords and Haflinger. They are active in the fields and woods while continuing to learn and grow together.

Gillian Goldberg is a member of the DAPNet Board and a farmer looking for farmland in southwestern Pennsylvania.

Miriam Goler and her husband Mark Stonehill run a CSA at their Full Circus Farm in Pine Plains NY.

Daniel Grover has been working with agriculture and food since 2009 and has worked with draft horses and mules at  farms in New York and Vermont. He has been the Secretary of the DAPNet Board.  He is currently working at Small Farm Central in Pittsburgh PA while looking for farmland in southwestern PA.

Jada Haas operates a small vegetable farm in Windsor, VT.  She has successfully convinced beasts to her  bidding for five years.

John Hammond is the current president of the ASHA. In addition to having been a farrier for 41 years, John has been a breeder his entire adult life: Devon cattle, Suffolk and Cleveland Bay horses. His farm, North Star Livery is nearby in Cornish NH.

John Haney has been around horses most of his life. John has owned and trained draft horses for 8 years. He and his wife, Marin, own and operate Hopewell Farm, located in Corinth, VT. Hopewell Farm is run as a mixed-power horse farm, raising and training both light and heavy horses. John is an active member of the Clydesdale Breeders of the USA, and uses the Clydesdale breed exclusively on the farm. The draft horses are used as much as possible for farm chores, but are specifically used in the management of the farm’s 68 acre wood lot. John also manages an additional 100 acres of forest on adjoining properties. Mr. Haney has been through all levels of the Game of Logging logger-training program and has been actively logging with horses on and off the farm for 6 years.

Nathan Henderson and Racey Bingham own the Reber Rock Farm in Essex NY which is a diversified animals and vegetables operation powered by Suffolk horses.

Donn Hewes is the current President of the Draft Animal-Power Network. Donn Hewes traded his Fordson Super Major tractor for a team of mules in 1993 and has been farming and logging with horses and mules ever since.  He and his wife Maryrose Livingston own and operate Northland Sheep Dairy in Marathon, New York.  The Northland Sheep Dairy makes award winning cheeses from 100% grass fed sheep’s milk.  Donn uses horses and mules to do most of the farm work including haymaking, compost spreading, pasture clipping,  plowing and cultivating a couple acres of vegetables and small grains, as well as firewood hauling.  In his spare time Donn sells parts for and repairs horse drawn mowers.

Drew Houser owns and operates Two Tides Farm Horse Logging in Brooks Maine. The horses are utilized for year round farm chores.  Drew also does a fair amount of public wagon rides and weddings.

Tim Huppe is Farm Manager and instructor for oxen workshops at Sanborn Mills Farm. Tim attended the Thompson School of Applied Science at the University of New Hampshire and worked in the construction and lumber industries, before joining Sanborn Mills Farm.

Tim and his wife Wendy are longtime supporters of New Hampshire’s 4-H program and all four daughters are skilled teamsters. Tim has taught oxen workshops nationally including at Colonial Williamsburg, VA; Old Sturbridge Village, MA; Tillers International, MI; and Ferrum College, VI. Tim is also an accomplished ox yoke maker and is a past contributor to Small Farmer’s Journal and Rural Heritage magazines.

Tom Jenkins is a Consulting Forester and Oxen Logger in Western Massachusetts.  Since graduating Paul Smith’s College in 1996 he has worked in nearly every facet of the timber business.  When not in the woods, Tom enjoys spending time with his three children.

John and Carol Jenkinson live at the Rock Rill Farm, a small hillside Vermont  farm in West Berlin VT raising beef, dairy heifers and show steers.

Brad Johnson lives with his wife and daughter on a woodlot in Northfield, VT.  Utilizing horses and a small tractor, he works as an animal powered logger.  His business, ALL Together Farm, LLC specializes in applying animal power to jobs large and small for which horses and small machinery are the best tools to accomplish the landowner’s goals and expectations.  He regularly teams up with other like minded animal powered loggers to tackle larger and more complex harvests.  Brad served on the first DAPNet Board of Directors having been involved with the organization from early on in its existence. He has a particular interest in expanding the number of folks working with animals in New England forests.

John and Melissa Lavoie of Franklin CT own two registered American Mammoth Jack stock:  Blue Hill Jassper and  NFF Jumpin Joe  Cody AKA JJ  They are 13 and 5 years respectively and are half brothers by the same sire.  Jassper who is owned and bred by the Lavoies has run a treadmill, worked on a cultivator and pulled a plow.  He pleasure drives single and in a team and has been shown extensively by John and 4-Hers and has attended Equine Affaire.  He has attended numerous educational events including a DAPNET event at Amherst to educate the public about the endearing qualities of long ears. His younger half-brother JJ is just learning to work.  He has attended a few local donkey and mule shows and has just recently been put in harness alongside his brother.

Stephen Leslie is the author of “ Horse-Powered Farm for the 21st Century” published by Chelsea Green.  Stephen began farming with draft horses in 1994.  With his wife Kerry Gawalt, Stephen manages Cedar Mountain Farm, a Fjord horse-powered CSA and dairy farm located in Cobb Hill Cohousing in Hartland, VT.

Draft Animal Powered Weed Control Options on Contemporary Farms in the USA and Europe.

Erika Marczak is a NY native living in Abington, CT managing her own mixed power market garden, Abington Grown. She has a diverse background with a formal education in animal science, participation in traditional 4-H and Farm Bureau activities, while at the same time maintaining a low impact path toward a more sustainable future in agriculture. She has been growing vegetables and raising livestock for 15 years, using draft animal power for 7 years, and has been a strong supporter of the DAPNet movement for the last 10 years.

Zach Messier is a graduate of Sterling College, in Craftsbury VT, where learned a love for working horses and forestry.  He has extensive experience working with the public and instruction of timber harvesting practices, from post-graduate work at Sterling. In his short career since graduating in 2015 he has dedicated himself to perfecting his craft and improving his understanding of forestry, timber harvesting, and the forest products industries.

Chad Miano and his wife Dana live in Nickelsville, VA, where he has operated a horse powered logging business for 25 years. Suffolk horses have been the backbone of that operation, where flash and shine are never as important as practicality and functionality. He and his family work hard to do good work with horses, and participate in public educational events, promoting horse-logging and Suffolk horses.

Charlie Niebling is a consultant and forester based in Concord NH. He previously served as general manager of NE Wood Pellet, Vice President of the NH Forest Society, and executive director of the NH Timberland Owners Assn.

Tim Patterson is the Director of Admission at Sterling College, in Craftsbury Common, VT. Sterling offers a minor in Draft Animal Management along with a popular major in Sustainable Agriculture.

Neal and Rebekah Perry are lifelong horse trainers, using horses in their farm operation on a regular basis in addition to training light horses for saddle and harness work. They now live in Island Pond in Vermont’s Northeast Kingdom on an 11 acre homestead.

Evelyn Pike owns two mules Cora  20 yrs and Lou 22yrs who live with her and her husband Francis on their Broomtail Farm in Chichester NH.   Evelyn competes in 20 shows and fairs a year doing plowing and farm competitions.  “Look for us “gals” in pink !!!”

Chip Pinder of Crossed Cannon Farm, Petersham, MA is a three time Combat Veteran with two Army Deployments and one Civilian. He has been driving and farming with draft horses for 4 years.  His Shire geldings Ben and Tommy were once orphans and considered too hard to work with so given to Blue Star Equiculture in Palmer MA.  As well as wagon rides in the past year, they have done several parades honoring Veterans,  First Responders and Gold Star Mothers (mothers who lost their sons in combat). Chip also has a Bachelors of Science in Sustainable Food and Farms from UMass Amherst and is a graduate of The Farm School, Adult Farming Apprentice Program in Athol, MA.

Andrew Purdy is a long time farmer and father of two who runs a general construction subcontracting business as well as barn restoration and timber framing in Greensboro VT. He enjoys cutting frames above the other things and would someday like to do that full time. Andrew is donating his time  to DAPNet for the Timber Frame that is to be auctioned.

Holly Rippon-Butler is the Land Access Program Director with the National Young Farmers Coalition, where she works with policy makers and land trusts to increase land access opportunities for the next generation of farmers. In addition to her work with NYFC, she farms with her parents on their third-generation dairy and beef farm in Upstate New York.

Izzy Ruffin went from Chewonki in ME to Warren Wilson College in NC to Sterling College in VT, working with draft horses throughout. Recently graduated from Sterling, Izzy is currently connected with an organic vegetable farm in Dresden, Maine that uses draft horse power to hay and cultivate.

Carl B. Russell is a horse-logger, forestry consultant, and timberland owner from Bethel, Vermont. He has operated Russell Forestry Services since 1986, specializing in ecological forestry and low-impact timber harvest with draft animals. Carl and his wife Lisa McCrory own and operate Earthwise Farm & Forest ( a 150 acre diversified enterprise, where they raise organic vegetables and grass fed livestock, use draft animals for logging and field work, and offer workshops on skills for sustainable livelihoods.

Jason Rutledge is a lifetime farmer, forester, horseman and father of four.  He co-founded Healing Harvest Forest Foundation in 1999 through which he provides leadership across the US as a visionary and practitioner of “restorative forestry”.  He has coined several phrases that influence modern forestry such as “worst first”, “enhanced residual dividend”, “pro-generative selection”, “pro-passive erosion control”, “tree gardening”, “Carbon Positive Forestry”, “Restorative Forestry” and “Ecological Capitalism” to name a few.  Jason has won numerous awards, has been featured on the cover of the Mother Earth News, Draft Horse Journal, has been featured on TV in “In the Company of Horses” and on RFD-TV, and has written and been featured in many articles in magazines, newspapers and periodicals.   Jason is a native Virginian having raised, trained and worked Suffolk horses for over thirty five years. He lives on Ridgewind Farm in the Appalachian Mountains of  Copper Hill VA. or

Tyler Sage owns and operates Sage Farm in Montague, MA. The farm produces hogs and logs. It finishes 100 pigs per year and works with landowners and foresters to harvest 100,000 board feet of timber annually.

John Schlang manages the draft horse program for Sanborn Mills Farm and provides support for oxen workshops. John is an accomplished teamster, having spent a number of years working with Les Barden, for whom our Barden Barn is named. At one time John’s only source of traction power for his commercial logging and firewood operations was oxen. John served his country in the U.S. Army for over 25 years.

John Smolinsky of Stannard VT is the owner-operator of Earthbound Forestry Services whose goal is ecological integrity and working with landowners so that they can understand how harvests provide long-term health and strength to the forests economic engine within a healthy and strong ecosystem. John has been working horses for 7 years and as a privately insured forest practitioner for 3 years. He has worked with horses and oxen and still has not come fully to grips on which he likes more. John has also been serving on the board of DAPNet for one year and has always learned a bunch at  DAPNet events.

Brad Teeter works at The Farm School in Athol, MA. He is a former DAPNet Board of Director Member

Ed Thayer is a 5th generation homesteader using draft power for the production of maple syrup, vegetables and timber. He and his wife Jane farm on the family homestead, the Fletcher Farm in East Washington NH and incorporate sustainable methods of land management, animal husbandry, and forestry. He will be demonstrating timber sawing for a timber frame structure.

Chad Vogel breeds, trains and works Suffolk Punch Draft Horses.  He farms and logs with his Suffolk horses on the Reber Rock Farm in Essex, NY.. He is also a certified biological woodsman who practices restorative forestry.

Phil Warren of Alstead NH has owned draft horses for 35 years.  He farms with 5 Belgians, making hay on 52 acres . Along with his wife Janet, they love to share their horses with others, bringing the horses to many public events. Phil is active with the Green Mountain Draft Horse Association and is the Teamster at the Billings Farm and Museum in Woodstock, VT.

Bill and Kin West live on the eastern shore of the Chesapeake Bay in Maryland on his family’s farm where he keeps his team of Suffolk Punch horses as well as an assortment of equine that his daughters have enjoyed over the years. He is a DAPNet Board member with a solid background of farming & logging experience with horses as well as an engineering & business background.

Jared Woodcock owns and operates Taproots Farm with his wife Shannon, and two kids, Calla, and Shiloh. He is the Agriculture Coordinator for SUNY Adirondack a small community college in the southern Adirondacks and is developing both credit and noncredit programs in sustainable agriculture. Jared has a broad range of interests, but most importantly he just wants to have a good time!