Stephen Leslie

Thanks for the responses. Carl, look forward to hearing your story on carts.
Thanks for the leads, Erika—I will look into the carts you mentioned.
Donn, awesome description of home-built carts—thank you!
On our farm we only have a basic Pioneer draft horse cart (with the tongue cut down from 13’ to 10’ to accommodate our Fjords (Pioneer now also makes a Haflinger-size cart which is lighter than the basic) but this one cart has proven to be an indispensable tool. Our horse-drawn spreader is a single-axle model and this alone would justify having the cart to tow it as we move as much as 70 tons of compost with it annually. In addition, we use it to hitch to such fundamental tillage implements as the disc, spike-tooth, spring-tooth, and flex harrows, and a harvest wagon. During hay making the horses lend a hoof by pulling a Grimm tedder and New Holland rake behind the cart.

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