wild millers

Mark- I have been mostly very pleased with the poly tank for collecting with the horses. It is a little high to dump into though sitting up on that cart. I guess if I was re-designing, it would be nice to figure out a way to set it lower. One reason I have kept is so high though is because when we’re unloading the tank at the sugar house I just open the valve and drain into a bucket, and that bucket has to be able to fit under the valve. We then hand carry each bucket up to the bulk tank. Labor intensive I know, but it works and we haven’t had to buy a pump yet.

One nice thing about the cart we have the tank sitting on is that when were emptying the sap it is a quick job to pull the hitch pin from the for cart, chock the wheels, and tip the tank up to drain those last few gallons of sap that can be so frustrating to get out otherwise.

The slosh really doesn’t seem to bother the horses, in fact I don’t even feel it very much while standing on the for cart. Also have never had a problem with sap sloshing out because of the round sides of the tank and small opening up top. We hang a wire rimmed cone filter inside that opening which buffers the splashes too. If the tank is getting real full I may half screw the lid on before traversing rough ground or going up a bumpy hill..

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