Hopewell Farm

Like Carl, I had lazy straps for the hold back straps made from 3/4″ leather with a conway buckle and snap. I think they are currently adjusted to about 15″ inches in length. For me they only suspend the neck yoke during hitching, once I have the trace chains attached and adjusted properly there is no tension on the lazy straps.

I also had lazy straps for the traces made as the ones that came with my harness were much too short for ground skidding or implements with low hitch points (distorted rear trace putting pressure on hip drop/spider). These I had made from 1″ leather with a conway buckle and snap so I could remove them altogether when using carts and wagons as the straps serve no purpose with high hitch vehicles. I also use a 3″ ring which is what the trace runs through. I have found that the trace slides much easier through the ring (verses some type of leather piece), which allows some lift of the trace when needed (no load) but allows the lazy strap to slide up toward the D-ring when under load thus eliminating tension on the lazy strap from being transferred up to the hip drop. Similar to the front hold back strap lazy straps I don’t want any tension on these lazy straps either when under load. Right now I have these straps adjusted to about 20″ in length.

I added a couple of pictures to show the straps in use, it was hard to get one with the trace lazy straps under load as the black leather disappears against the the black coats.


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