Carl, modifying the pole to fit the harness is par for course around here, it may change more with the new knowledge that we have. I hear what you are saying about shortening up the front end.

The photo below might be a good example, we lengthened the pole on this sprayer to accommodate our harness. As you can see we have dropped a few links of heel chain, but the yokes and front side backer straps up front could really be taken in a bit. The side backer straps are on the tightest holes already, but there is plenty of room to make more holes and space to bring the jockey yokes back.

I like your chain neck yoke set up, I see how that is handy. The plug yoke makes sense too, EXCEPT that there are several pieces of equipment where we use both horses and oxen, and the plug yoke only allows for horse use. I assume that if we thought about it we could rig up a pole to accept both ring yoke and plug yoke, but knowing Sam’s work load that won’t happen any time soon. So for now I will work on burning holes in front side backers, I am happy that we at least see the light, it may just take a little while getting there 🙂

We will see what we can do about the plow draft angle and the front end, I will post when we figure it out better.

I am calling Abner this morning and will let him know about our conversation here, I am sure that he would thank you all for your input.

It is always a pleasure being part of these in-depth conversations.


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