Does’ Leap

I haven’t been able to figure out why my pictures aren’t posting. Here’s a copy of my original post (see below) with another attempt at posting pictures. I will try to post the link again herehere again. as well as attaching the images


This thread inspired my to look more critically at my harness fit. When I bought these used d-ring harnesses I cut several inches off the short tug on one horse (the smaller of the pair) and left it “as is” for by bigger horse. It seems to me like a could benefit from cutting 2-3 inches off the short tugs on the horse pictured below. Two other things of note: (1) the breeching looks low in the first picture but you can see where the hair is worn above where the breeching normally sits while holding back a load…interesting. (2) Notice the difference between the tug/hame angle between the two pictures. At rest it looks pretty close to 90 degrees while under load the angle looks more acute.

Any thoughts on whether the short tug needs to be shortened? How about the change in hame/tug angle when at rest vs. under load? My thought is to move the hame/tug spacer on top and possibly lengthen my market strap and shorten my girth. Opinions? Any other thoughts on harness fit would be appreciated.


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