The harrow or cultimulcher that you should use after ploughing depends on your soil and it’s moisture level. We have a sandy loam that can compact easy if wet.

I recently seeded an oat and pea cover crop. We plowed the 1/4 acre with our White Horse 715 plow and then made a single pass with our shipshe cultimulcher. This tool does a great job smoothing and leveling a well plow plot. We seeded the oats and peas and made a second but shallow pass with the cultimulcher to stir the seed and firm it in the ground. The seeding is coming up great on some good smooth looking ground.

We also plowed our potato patch with the 715, but the cultimulcher can pack the ground some and I want it loose for making potato furrows, so we used a disc harrow to work it up.

I also have a spring tooth harrow, chain harrow, cultipacker and tine weeder that I can use.

Here is a pass with the cultimulcher after plowing.

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