Mark Cowdrey

Well I made one.
My driveway was a mess this spring with a lot of old pot holes. So when I had a backhoe here I dug the whole thing up.The shape (crown) was roughly correct but it was rougher than a cob. I more or less followed the “Ohio” plans for the “King Road Drag” that I found, although I put steel full length on the front board & 6′ of the back one. I used hemlock & pine. As spreaders I used 3″ PVC w 1/2″ threaded rod inside.
I was happy w the way it worked. Dragged it up & back a couple times w the tractor to get an idea of what I was dealing with and then hauled it behind the forecart. The instructions say to ride it on a loose hitch so you can shift your weight an manipulate the cutting and dirt moving action as you go along. I did notice that it swung out to the ditch side quite a bit and perhaps more weight would reduce that tendency. I think I would want some kind of dash on it though before I rode it. I may make one yet.
The longer you hitch the more you cut. The point on the chain on the front of the drag that the tow chain is hitched to changes the angle of the drag. I’m not sure how that changes things operationally. I’ll keep an eye on it.

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