Interesting to see the pictures of the cart. It reminded me of a cart made for hoeing/scufling I once saw in Germany. A bio dynamic farmer used this, I´m not sure if he still does.
See 3 added pictures. The soil is very “heavy” river clay, the crop is lamb´s lettuce.

Michelle, I thought the Miller´s riding cultivator might be something you´ed be interested in. It is designed for crops like corn, but could be used for other crops. Miller´s Repair Shop from Lagrange Nothern Indiana makes them (other pictures)
They make them as 3 wheeler or as 4 wheelers, for in the bed system. The front wheels can be steered with your feet and the back wheel(s) follow. Instead of the back wheel(s) a roll can be placed to prepare a seed bed.
Miller can build the wheel width to your bedsystem, and the eveners that go with that. Also rubber tires are avaible.
I´ve been in their shop and worked with a 3 wheeler in pumpkins and liked how the machine worked.

Another option is to see in France, the link will show a blog made by people who work with draft animal power there. Posted on May 15 is a new on farm built cultivar for the bed system.
There´s more interesting things on that blog.


French blog about draft animal power

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