Mark Cowdrey

Everyone’s situation & management style and program is different. I appreciate your even handed discussion of pros & cons.
I know from previous discussions that you use a variety of horses in a variety of configurations. I use a team almost exclusively, I leave my lines on the harness, I use each horse on the same side all the time. I also work alone pretty much all the time, I am 60, and there is usually no one else even on the property. Hence my belt and suspenders approach. Consequently it is no big deal for me to leave the butt rope on the near horses harness when not hitched and employ it regularly.

My setup is a bit of a hybrid. I never liked the connecting the inside britchen rings as when I saw it in use it seemed to be pulling at the harness in an awkward way, fanning the inside of the britchen away from the horse before pressure is applied. WHEN USING A D-RING HARNESS, connecting the hames means using a lot more line that seems pointless and in the way. The BR runs right by the outside britchen ring which is connected through the side strap, D-ring and short tug to the hame. So I run the BR from outside britchen ring to outside britchen ring. This works very well for me.

A note on the fairs. The butt rope is not prohibited but a point deduction is taken.

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