I totally agree with Donn that the animals need to be broke to lead well already.

I walk 4 abreast at times. I don’t do this on a regular basis, but we get through it just fine. I walk with the more lower on the totem pole/timid horses to the outside otherwise they lag hard and are at risk of getting away easy. I also carry a stick, twig, or dressage whip with me and anyone a little too eager gets it shaken at them. I rarely ever use the whip, it is just there to remind them that they still need to mind their manners, if I do use the whip, it is just a light tap on the chest or forelegs to get them to slow to my speed. If the animals are all broke to gee and haw it is easy to make turns by putting the whip in front of the inside horses and asking for the turn with voice command.

I sometimes walk 3 or 4 while riding one too. It depends on the conditions. This spring was very sloppy and I had to get the herd up to the hill and I knew it would be easier for me to ride than slip and fall while walking 4.

That is what works for me, good luck and be patient. Maybe start with some of the herd and add on as they get good at it.

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