Carl Russell

I thought that it might be fun to share with you our daughter Tulie’s journal entry from yesterday morning…she is mentoring with me for her senior project….

Tulie McCrory
Mrs. Pratt
Senior Project
October 21, 2014
Journal Entry 11: Three to One
This morning, when I arrived at the barn to meet with my mentor, he informed me that I would be leading the three horses up to the barn… all by myself. At first, I didn’t really think it was going to be all that difficult; I had led each of these horses alone many times, and I see my mentor leading all of them at once often. When we actually got to the pasture I started to think about the whole thing a little, and once all three lead ropes were in my hand, I started to think a little more. It wasn’t going to be as easy as throwing some halters on the horses and walking away with them.
When one person wishes to lead two or more horses simultaneously, it is a necessary step to loop each lead rope in the halter underneath the chin between haltering each horse. The purpose of this is to keep the lead rope from dragging on the ground. Once I had all the horses haltered is when things started to get more complicated than I had anticipated.
Leading each horse over the fence, I started to think about the order in which I should line the horses up to make the walk to the barn as cooperative as possible. Leaving the pasture, I thought I had ordered them quite perfectly. The walk to the barn was great! The horses were calm and responsive, no one was stepping on anyone, and the pace was reasonable. It wasn’t until I got to the barn that I realized my ordering could have used improvement. This task really put an emphasis on the fact that whenever you work with any animal, planning ahead is always an important step.

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