Well, we did get our fencing project done this past summer… About 8/10th of a mile. Being certified organic, we couldn’t use pressure treated lumber, so we ended up using Eastern Oregon Juniper. It was the best compromise between durability and availability.

Check out Oregon State University’s “Fence Post Farm” report on the service life of treated and untreated fence posts: http://juniper.oregonstate.edu/post-farm.pdf

Anyway, we also tacked a few other, smaller, projects, such as enclosing the machine shed side of our building with rough cut siding from a local mill and installing a wood stove in the shop, which has greatly increased it’s usability during the winter (We were working in it earlier this month, with it -2f outside, but easily maintaining 60-70f inside)

We also acquired a few more pieces of equipment… A cultipacker and an old David Bradley running gear.

For 2015, no major projects are planned. I’ll probably just work at fixing up some of this old equipment I’ve picked up along the way, and save some money because in 2016 we plan a big push to get the dairy built. Also in 2015, my wife and I are signed up for a Doc Hammill workshop which we’re both very excited about!


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