The food was great!
Hash and coffee with fresh eggs for breakfast, chilli simmering for hours for lunch,, cornbread, bumpkin dessert, then crocked beef brisket with veggies for dinner followed by gluten free chocolate cake, washed down with rye shot and apple pie from a certain board member. 😉

Wish you were here? Maybe not at 6am when it was 12 degrees out…

However the weather, horses, people, and implements cooperated for a wonderful day of learning about forestry as practiced on our farm. We discussed and practiced safe felling, demonstrated skidding with the single horse and team with the forecart, worked with a scoot, and milled lumber.

The small journal I advertised in (the Green Valley Journal) came and took pictures and info for a story. I’ll keep you posted if they put anything in their next issue.

Folks seemed very happy with the day. With a small size we were able to make sure everyone got to see what they wanted. Driving opportunities went great.

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