Michael Low

I have a similar setup right now for my mixed herd of Jersey/Dexters and Devon cattle- transitioning to Devons. We have three cows, a bull and two teams: 1 older team and a pair of younger ones coming along.

My barn is 36′ x 24′

I have 5- 4’x 8′ tie stalls.
2- 6’x 8′ tie/ box stalls
2- 6’x 8′ tie stalls
I like tie stalls for the ease of clean up in the morning. I like each animal to have their own stall so I can feed them what they need with no competition. I use the box stalls for cow/calf pairs and for pairing young stock loose together on cold (-20 or below) nights with deep bedding. The biggest stalls are for my big team and the 4′ are for the rest.
I picked these sizes because of the pre-existing size and layout of the barn. I would give a big pair 5-5.5′ and box stalls would be wider around 8′.
Also I would build so that all the animals faced the middle alley and I could feed right into their bunks.

I turn out first thing in the morning except for 1 or 2 wicked bad windy, stormy, crappy days in the winter.
I generally don’t have the cows back into the barn all grazing season. Teams come in nightly for handling. Also steers in training.

I keep my oxen separate from the cows and bull for several reasons. I keep them yarded up close to the barn so they are handy for work- the cows pasture up to one mile away in summer. The older team gets way to fat even with regular work on the cows pastures. At a certain point oxen get big and heavy- they can injure themselves and the cows/heifers if they are all messing around and competing with the bull to mount whoever is in heat.
Michael Low

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