Does’ Leap

Do you have any pictures of that arrangement for reference?”

Hi Ed:

Pictures aren’t great but they show some of my modifications. One shows the beefier 1/2″ eye bolts. These are particularly important where you have two eyebolts are linked together as they get a lot of ware, but for an extra couple of bucks, I would add them to where your front side straps attach to the yoke as well.

The other picture shows my mower pole. I found that when I switched to a plug yoke on my mower, it brought my pole up too high and I was worried about oil distribution in the gear box. Stacking and welding pipe on top of the pole (pictured) brought the pole length down. Not elegant, but it worked. I have since purchased dollies for my two mowers and don’t need this set-up. Now I just have one 3/4″ pipe welded to the top of the steel pole cap. The only other change not pictured is beefing up to a 3/4″, grade-8 plug.


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