Thank you Anthony, we had such a great group last year and I hope to have just as much fun and educational opportunities this year.

I saw Dale (pictured below with greys) yesterday and he is just tickled with how well his plow goes after getting it set up properly at last years clinic.  he no longer struggles with taking too much land at once, it turned a messy furrow and tired the horses out taking 6″ too much.  Now plowing is an enjoyable task that he looks forward to and seeks out every opportunity to do so.

I audited last year and I learned a ton, auditing really gives a person the advantage of being able to see all the different things going on at once. I wanted to add that as Sam Rich’s partner, we really look forward to this clinic.  There is much to learn by going out and just doing/attempting a task, in time you can master your situation. But there is something about the melding of different minds, equipment and animals that really steps it up a notch every time we all get together.  Education is an ever continuing adventure, though Sam is giving this clinic he will also learn something new guaranteed, and hopes that everyone attending will too. Exchanging information and ideas, and making connections is what makes our DAPNet community such a worth while investment, whether we invest time volunteering or funds to keep events like this possible.



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