I have a McCormick Deering #9. Love it. Love it. Love it. I don’t have a lot of experience driving, either, but I’m getting along okay. It will NOT cut off your fingers if you keep your common sense module turned on. If the gear is engaged, don’t get off the mower. If you get off, disengage–just like the safety switch under the seat of a lawn mower, except this one is located in your brain. I don’t mean to sound like a smart ass, but I’ve had plenty of people tell me the thing is dangerous.

I did have an accident. Ran that sickle bar shoe right into a fence post. (Couldn’t see beyond the horse.) I flipped right up and over, got banged up good. And now let me tell you about some of the things that have happened with a tractor. . . . Safety is a habit of mind that we must always practice on the farm, be it with horses, tractors, cats, dogs, whatever.

My mower does not easily plug up. I bought it properly tuned up and I am learning to keep it that way. Mine also has the “truck.” That’s a support wheel that takes weight off the pole. I think that’s a good improvement. I have found that there are some people who know how to get these mowers running right and make a few updates and that is well worth the money. Can’t say enough good about this machine. Mine cost me $1000. I’ll try to attach a photo.

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