wild millers

George, Thank you for the links, I learned a lot from reading those over, I’m sure they will be very helpful to revisit once I’m playing around with learning about chaining loads..

Bill, interesting, I hadn’t thought of that. The chains do look like they are meant for pulling each ski individually but the ski’s are 45″ wide center to center. That seems like a wide span to me which would also call for a 45″ neck yoke? I really don’t know though having never used a bobsled, it does sound possible. Also no evener came with the sled. There is a hole in the tongue were it looks like an evener might have gone but its only 7′ back from the tongue cap which wouldn’t fit my team very well I don’t think.

Carl, Thank you for your insights as well. The “U” bolts do seem like they may have attached a deck to the bunks..they are on both the front and back bunks.

Your right the chains do not seem like any sort of breaking chain and in this picture it does look as though they are meant for pulling each ski. There is no chaining point on the rear of those skis for chains to cross from tip to the rear of the opposite ski as you were saying is sometimes done for a rear bunk that swivels (this one does not).

Your absolutely right about talking with some locals about the design, I should have thought of that already.. I put a call over to Les last night and it sounds like we may have him over for lunch next week to talk bob sleds. I know we’re looking forward to that.

Finally I have added a picture of the tongue and you will see how it is lacking in strength. There is no bracing on it where it tenons into the “roll?” and there is slop in that right now. I think some heavy bracing there would be called for. You can see two steel bars bracing the stub tongue on the rear sled..is that what your calling the “reach”?

Also the ski’s on both the front and rear sleds are both 7′ long, and there are stake pockets on the front and rear bunks.

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