I could use some support, as this project is going squiggly at every turn. The latest news is waiting has cost me .75% in interest rate and $35,000. It’s not fun for anybody to realize how the actions of others can have such an impact on one’s plans.

The worst news is Ted Walker, whom some of you met, passed away in August while I was in France. I miss him, and find his impact everywhere in the woods, so I don’t feel that great a disconnect from him. I am carrying on his work. His health went downhill quickly, so there was no long suffering, and I am glad for that.

Now I am dealing with his wife, and their lawyer. Neither one has been much fun and I feel the friendship built up over many years disappearing. I believe that Nancy is nearly incapable of making major decisions on her own. She certainly has opinions, but she wants a man (Ted) to tell her what to do. I imagine you can’t empathize with that, but I think it’s part of the lifestyle she grew up in. Add sincere grief to that, and moving becomes very had to contemplate.

I am being patient, and it is taking its toll. I had hoped to come to DAPFD with a spring in my step, a grin, and plans to expound upon. with every change, plans go by the wayside and doubts pile on. At least there is cleaning out being done, and I may still be able to buy tools and machinery like Ted’d promised. $35k over 30 years is manageable. It’s just a big number to look at from this side.

The biggest loss is the relationship I used to enjoy with Ted and Nancy.

The new date for closing is Oct 29th. I can’t hold my breath that long.

“It’ll be ok in the end. If it’s not ok, it’s not the end.”
Thanks for listening.

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