wild millers

You may have already started your construction on your new coops, but I had a few thoughts on design. We started with 4 chicken tractors for our flock of 50 hens that all moved side by side. Had  simple drop down wheels and giant wheelbarrow handles on the other end so one man could move the tractor. We stopped using this design and built our coop on an old 4 wheel running gear, set up with flexible poultry netting around it. Mostly because we are often traveling quite far between chicken moves. Depending on the time of year and where the crops are at, we may be on a portion of the market garden one day and then out on the grass pastures the next. This simplified our chores and I feel is easier on the pastures and our backs. We now move this wagon with 200 hens behind the for-cart every day in the summer. At night we close the door, which is about 2 1/2 feet off the ground and have never had a predator problem. So I guess something to consider is how far your moving the hens and how frequently you plan to move them.  I am very pleased with having the coop on wheels and would recommend it. Good luck

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