wild millers

We started with about 8 different varieties almost as many years ago and have culled down to our 3 favorite at this point. We didn’t know the name of those originals varieties to begin with although we do know that at this point we have one rocambole type that we have named “Wild Millers Choice” because it doesn’t grow very tall in the field, but it’s not to be underestimated because it consistently gives us door knob sized heads. (Both Annalisa and I also don’t stand very tall in the field) Then two porcelain types, one I think is German extra hardy but the other we call “Lovely Luoma” after our sister in law whose maiden name is Luoma and both she, her husband and this plant grow very tall.

Besides these differences we tend to believe in the idea that there is really only one variety of garlic, but because it’s grown in so many different soil types, over time it has taken on different characteristics of the parts of the world in which it is grown. I see some credence to that just because some of our varieties started out spicy and have mellowed out over the years we have been growing them. It seems our soils grow a less pungent garlic. Don’t know if there is really any truth to all that but we like to think so, anyway its more fun to cultivate “your own variety” of the great garlic.

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