Extension recommends P and K in the fall and 2 side dressings of 25 to 50 pounds an acre of N in the spring once on emergence and again 3-4 weeks later.

In the past I have applied hot chicken manure right out of a house onto my garlic patch a week or 2 before planting the garlic, I worked it in well and applied lightly, I don’t have a rate.  What ever the ex’s manure spreader was to a 1/3 Acre of ground seemed to grow very nice garlic with no burning.

More recently I have applied draft animal manure (equine/bovine) prior to planting and applied one application of Kreher’s composted and granulated poultry manure (5-4-3), a 50# bag to 0.1 acre.  If I can get some poultry fresh poultry manure this fall I will not hesitate to go back to that method, but any manure is better than no manure.


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