Just wanted to give a little update on my progress. I continued to work the problem mule single and he is starting a little better. I neglected my older mule for a while and when I decided to get him out, we would get a few hundred feet from the house and he would want to turn and go back to the hitching post. I would have to stop and turn him back around and head back out. I took to riding him every day because it is easier for me to correct him in the saddle. Every time he turned to go back to the house we would do a few circles and head out in the right direction. We done this for about a week and he started showing less interest in turning to go back home.

I finally bought a new team harness but the wife had to have surgery and there was a bout two weeks I didn’t get to do much with them other than ride the one. So this past Sunday I got to hook them together and they didn’t do as bad as I thought. They started good stopped good but didn’t steer too good. I have managed to hook them the last three nights and go for a short sled ride but my steering isn’t getting any better. My younger mule will turn his head and keep walking straight ahead when I tighten the lines. I have tried steady pressure and even short pulses to send a better signal but it doesn’t seem to work. The older mule will try to push him or pull him but he gets frustrated and stops or just goes with him. Any thoughts? Should I just keep driving and eventually it will get better? I would like to graduate to a wheeled vehicle but I want to be able to make better turns first. Here is a couple pictures with my neighbor holding the lines. Thanks Paulk.

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