Carl Russell

George, we mowed Monday night, then tedded Tuesday afternoon after the rain stopped and the sun got hot for a few hours. Then we tedded twice on Tuesday, and mowed another acre in between. Tedded both pieces yesterday, then raked and baled the first. Tedded and raked the second this AM, will bale in a few hours.

Basically Tuesday was a throw away day, we just tedded then because we were trying to keep up, but it got soaked pretty good from the rain. I cut on Monday even though I knew Tuesday was going to be wet, just to get the mowing out of the way before the weather broke in our favor. I’d much rather have green grass get rained on, then to have almost dry hay get wet, or sit through overcast.

I’m using a Nicholson GD fluffer/tedder behind my Barden Cart. It really does a pretty good job, provided there is hot sun to dry the hay.

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