August update:

I haven’t given up yet and started to make some progress. We got Frye off the tether, and I found Nancy Kalal of Cranberry Meadow farm in CT who has a team (Rock and Roll) to coach me. She came down last week to see Frye and assess him. She felt he was workable, and I’m way more comfortable with him. We are still not sure how he will develop as a worker but at least he is doing what I ask right now.

We are using one of the Boynton single ox yokes. I understand I need to use a harness with a single yoke. I found pieces of a harness in the barn. I know it is a horse harness, but I think I can modify it to fit Frye. Does anyone know anything about this kind of harness? I think it is used to pull a cart. It has a medallion that says “Keim Supply Co. NY”.

Here is a picture of Nancy with Frye and the harness in pieces- I’m reconditioning it right now.

Thanks for your help.

Sarah from Pennsylvania (Colonial Plantation Living History farm)

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