Steven F

If you are thinking about using a Swiss ox collar I can recommend it. I have a single ox and showed my son a photo of a Swiss collar. He made one for me and it is great. I tried a single yoke and it was a problem. It would twist and get out of place. I reckon that he can pull more with the collar as the pressure is spread over a larger area. I don’t have a photo of the Swiss collar that my son has made but I will take one if you are interested. We have attached felt to it. The point where the chains hook on is critical so we drilled several holes (it is made from wood) so that we could alter the pull-point depending on what the bullock (we call them bullocks here in Australia. You probably refer to them as ox) is pulling and allow for adjustment as he grows. I am training a second bullock who is 15 months younger and the same collar fits him. I just make a few easy adjustments.
When I was training my bullock (chock) I cobbled together a collar from and old set of draft horse hames. I wrapped them in hessian and it was fine. Great for training. I will attach a photo of the young Chock in his cobbled collar. He was earning his keep shifting bales of hay when he was 15 months old. He is now almost three, has a wonderful temperament and is a willing worker. Last year we used him to cultivate between our potato rows.
The bullocks are out of our Jersey house cow and by a Belted Galloway (beef) bull. I have attached a photo of the cow and the bull is in the background. He has an outstanding temperament which his progeny has inherited. Crucial with a single bullock.


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