Mat- Thanks ever so much for your kind post. In fact, I have found the process of training Frye to be unexpectedly easy, not that I have him trained yet. I have only spent about 1/2 hour twice a week with him for 2 months so far, and he has made enough progress to save his life. Now other living history museums members can handle him easily, whereas when I started I was quite frightened of him and so was everyone else.

I thought I would have to spend an hour a day twice a day indefinitely to make much progress, but that has not been the case.

Your point about training an ox being easier than learning to drive a car is quite amusing. Also your comment about how common bovines are in the 3rd world was useful

The only reason I persisted was because I knew that oxen are used in other countries extensively and had read on the Tillers site that in the African villages where they facilitate training, steers often were not started until age 2.

Then there was an online picture of a giant water buffalo being ridden by a 3 year old.

Thanks again.


Here is a picture of Nancy Kalal (Cranberry Meadow Farm, CT, owner of Rock and Roll and myself with Frye in training.

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