The Barden Cart that was for sale in Dover, NH has been sold. I called about it this morning because the more that I think about it the more this type of cart makes sense for me. Looking at pictures of recently posted logging carts my first thought is not, “boy I could move some big wood with those,” it is, “How the heck do I drag myself on and off of these things. Sam’s cart is big, too big for what I and my team are useful for, but at least it has a nice step in front of the wheel for easy on and off (I agree with Carl that this is much safer than a foot on the ground or scrambling up a wheel to get on ). His also has a place where he can put a seat. I like this because first off if he was unsettled, he is not going to fall back off the cart and have a log roll him over and second because on Sundays he can put the seat on and take his lady for a foliage drive through the back roads.

I don’t need something that others feel they need in order to move big wood, in fact I have no interest in moving big wood, and if I did need to we have one of those already. I am taken by the versatility of the Barden cart. I could use one with steers or horses (mules or ponies for that matter), and I can really picture myself using it for more farm related tasks such as harrowing, collecting sap, moving mobile animal housing, etc. The most appealing feature to me is the ease of getting in and out of it, after spending time weeding and harvesting, the last thing that I want to abuse my knees with is climbing on or off a cart.

I have been bothering a neighbor about selling me a simple pioneer forecart that he has out back, but no luck yet. I would like to be able to use it so that I can leave my cultivator at my house and not abuse it with woods trail miles back and forth from the parents farm where the horse are. I would also like it to do field work with a pair when the other cart is set up for 3 or 4. I was wondering about buying a piggy back for it so that we can make use of more than one team in the woods. These Barden carts sound like they will fit the bill better and be easier on my body. If anybody comes across another Barden cart for sale I am seriously considering purchasing one for many reasons and tasks.

Here is the logging cart that Sam made, it works very well. Sorry I don’t have any good closeups. it has various slots to put choker chains, but also has a sliding hitch point that rolls back and up, it really gets them off of the ground. The trailer is for large logs and using the cart and trailer he can suspend a 36′ stick off the ground and keep it clean for the sawyer that custom cuts his beams for custom timber framing jobs.

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