Brad Johnson

Carl and others-
Nice photos of your woods carts. Carl, your arch there is more similar to what I run in the woods, in contrast to the low design of the barden. When I worked in the woods in Maine we used a barden cart in the field frequently, but I have found that it’s lack of clearance and log lift is an issue for commercial work. Carl Russell and I have discussed this back and forth. He really likes that barden style for logging – low to the ground, safe to get on and off, and easily carries his tools. I prefer a high arch that gives more clearance and allows larger stems to be cradled under the beam. John Plowden designed and built my rig, and I have yet to find anything that works better. I guess in the end it depends on how you want to use the tool. I work almost exclusively in the woods on commercial jobs, and I do little field work with it, so I like a single purpose tool. Those who do a combination of jobs might prefer something more similar to the barden or pioneer style carts.

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