improving yoke design on HUMPED cattle is always a bit trickly. ofcourse i salute their efforts, and new yoke is obviously better then the old design.

but, because the anatomy of humped oxen and their potential load bearing surface is different of that of humpless breeds, i’d maybe suggest tinkering in a direction that  would, aside from the newly made changes, also try to exploit the hump area.

i’ve tinkered with a similar questions a long time ago and came up with a “saddle-seat” type of yoke, as the drawing shows.

it’s meant to be made out of a block of wood, as showed in pic. it would self-level itself and be worked like a harness, with 2 ropes ans a singletree.

the other yoke design (the one in top right) is actually very similar to bosnian type of yokes, and i believe this type of yoke could also prove to work properly, as it has a rounded neck seat.

aside of these suggestions,  i think changes already made on the field are significant!


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