Stephen Leslie

Thanks for responses. Thanks, Erika—this is just the kind of info I am looking for. We are using plow and/or disc, spring tooth, spike tooth, and flex harrows (don’t own a roller)for seed bed prep in the market garden—plus, use the cultivator with middle shank to form beds and mark rows. On the plus side, the horses are kept engaged with lots of passes—but, in the rush to get the garden fitted and planted in the spring I have wondered if a combination tool would make a difference.
With our rotation we alternate sections from winter-killed to non-winter-killed cover crops—so that we are not just using plow or disc but rather alternating their use—hopefully thereby avoiding plow or disc pan. Know of some folks who use a single shank chisel with a team to break up compaction.
PS) Attached photo just for fun—from HPD showing this tool on a mighty scale!

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