I love my cultimulcher. It can replace the disc and drag in some cases and a finishing harrow in most cases. I rely on it heavily for seed bed and transplanting preparation, and also as a stale seed bed tool or bare fallow for killing a weed flush. We have also used it successfully to work in a cover crop seed and to roll it at the same time, not as good as a harrow and cultipacker, but works great right before a good rain. I am going to try killing some tender buckwheat with it tomorrow in preparation for some winter crops.

We have very rocky soil, some rocks get stuck in the rollers, but can usually be freed easily. Of course it helps to pick rocks first, but it will hump up over the big ones. My Schipshe is rugged enough to handle our boney ground.

The one thing that I don’t like about this tool is that if used repeatedly for bare fallowing, it will pack the ground some, so sometimes I will use a disk between cultimulcher uses.

The picture below is after using it during the monsoon season we had in June, I hated to use it while the light rain came in, but no telling if it would rain so much that the ground would be too wet again. While some of the weeds regrew, it certain knocked them back some until it dried out again for another moment to get on this field. Though it is a Woodbridge sandy loam, don’t let that fool you, there are a couple of wet spots in the low parts of this field, I never got sweet corn in because of them.

We have a 5′ 2horse Schipshe with the articulating front roller (a must if you ask me).

Hope this info helps,

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