I went from using one tractor to 2 this week. We finally rigged up my old Allis Chalmers G so that my Planer Jr. would fit under it. I like using horses and steers, but when they live a good .7 miles from where my garden is, they are not always convenient, plus this G has a creep gear and is much happier going very slow than the animals are. I plan on only using it for seeding crops, but can do some cultivation in a real pinch (cultivator unit not near as nice as the horse draw one). A different transplanter (hopefully animal powered) is in my future and once I have made some of my life savings back maybe even a EZ Trail plastic mulch layer, black plastic or biotello really paid off this year on the crops that had the luxury of being planted in it. Otherwise the only thing that I use the big tractor for is wet dibbling with the Rain Flo transplanter and some occasional heavy discing. Sam can use all 6 on the bigger disc, but I can’t yet and he has enough other things to do, so heavy disc and tractor it is for now. In the end it is nice to have choices and to be able to pick the best tool for the job.

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