wild millers

bendube, thanks for the thoughts. With those concerns in mind when we went to the field today I was curious to see what we would find. We aren’t on what you would call bottomland in this garden, though about half of it is lower than the other and it doesn’t drain very well right now. When the subsoiler had past through, we went back and excavated a little to see what it looked like and found the hard pan to be moist, though not soggy and while I wouldn’t say that we “shattered it” we also didn’t “smear it” it was pretty cleanly cut through with a few chunks of compacted hard pan broken up and pushed up near to the bottom of the furrow.
A few more pictures…

also you will notice that with three abreast, one horse was walking on the plowed ground, one in the furrow, and one on the land. I was able to justify this because for one it made the subsoiler track straight in the furrow behind the middle horse, and the other reason is because I was using our little hillside plow. At each headland we were swinging it around and alternating from left handed to right handed plowing. This meant that at each headland turnaround the outside horses swapped positions from land to plowed ground, thus not leaving one horse walking on the plowed ground all afternoon.

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