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    During July 2009 there were several DAP members that began discussing the possibility of creating an international association of draft animal powered timber harvesters. There is still a lot of work to do, but we want to present what we have come up with so far, and to welcome some discussion from the broader community.

    Members of this working group who contributed to this outcome, are: Rick Alger-NH, Tim Carroll, Cousin Jack (Ralph?)-UK, Gregg Caudell-WA, Jason Cruze-NZ(recent member), Jean-Leo Dugast-France(hasn’t joined DAP yet), Scott Golden-CO, Wes Gustafson-WA, Ben Harris-WY, Taylor Johnson-WI, Tim Kendall-MO, Simon Lenihan-UK, Jim Ostergard-ME, John Plowden-ME, Dan Rasmussen-MN, Jason Rutledge-VA, Carl Russell-VT, Ian Snider-NC, Ben Sumner-VA, and Ronnie Tucker-TN.

    Below is the name of the group that we are in the process of forming, the Mission Statement, and the primary goals. Please feel free to contribute to discussions in the category and subforums. We are in the process of deepening our contact network, and looking to bring more people into this potentially exciting development.

    “Draft Animal Powered Forestry, International” (DAPFI)

    Mission Statement

    “To promote the use of draft animal powered timber harvesting methods that support positive impact forest management”

    Primary Goals

    1) “To improve opportunities for draft animal forestry practitioners to unite regionally, and internationally, to share information, work, markets, and advocacy.”

    2) “To serve as a networking, clearinghouse and contact information for individuals and organizations involved in animal powered forestry throughout the world.”

    3) ”To advance an ecological perspective of forest management, based on the use of draft animals, and other low impact/low input strategies.”

    4) ”Work with researchers to study and publish ecological benefits of animal logging.”

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