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    Turk and Rye are purebred Dexter steers, 2 yrs old, within 2 months of each other. They weigh about 600lbs a piece and are matched in height. They have been handled daily, leading into and out of tie stalls where they spend the night. Can be led by collar or halter. I was raising them to replace a team of Devons but have since come to realize they will not be big enough to handle the work I do with my big team. Dexters mature to around 1000lbs though we did have a bull get to 1,200lbs once. I have not yoked them but have laid down the ground rules- respect my space, watch those horns, lead calmly and don’t act like idiots. They step over well, back up and respond well to gentle pressure. Last summer I could walk up into the pasture and halter them with no troubles every day. They are nice animals- handled well and fed well. Organic hay, no grain and free choice minerals ( kelp, Redmond salt, and Pat Coleby’s blend). $2,000 for the pair.

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