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    Jim Ostergard

    For folks who have followed the saga of the last few years starting with my Belgian Rusty passing three years ago this week and the decision to downsize as age seems to be influencing how much work I do each day but, not how much I love to do it and coming to today. Atticus my fjord who has been visible here and on my facebook page throughout the last year put in his first day without a hitch today. After coming off the big pine job at the end of November he has not worked a lick sine. And on that job he was a real handful. This winter I have really only done a lot of partnering with him in the barn and so today into the woods with Ray (Check out Bangor Daily News, last Saturday for horse logging photo article)and his pair. It was like he had never done anything else. I went with no expectation but perhaps a bit on nervousness that I would not get a days work. Sure surprised me. Head down, waited until I got the chain around the butt, came around, waited until I asked and out to the yard. Deep snow, slash all made him nervous but we just gave him time to adjust. We are both tired tonight. Really looking forward to tomorrow. When we brought a second scoot load out for lunch I hooked to the log pictured and he followed the scoot out.

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    Ed Thayer

    Great description of your day Jim, it is such a joy to have one like you did. Great photos too. Hope Spring comes your way soon.



    Carl Russell

    Excellent Jim. Great pics.


    Rick Alger

    Looking good.



    Thanks for posting Jim!



    Sounds like things are nicely falling into place for the 2 of you. To many more good work days to come!

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