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    WE have for sale four sickle bar mower anvils like the ones seen in the literature on mowers. Three of them are not branded but in good shape. They have spots to hold the sickle and drive sections out, rivet posts to do your ledgers and new sections. Also very handy is an anvil to split detachable chain with ease. would like $75 a piece OBO

    One Is JD in fair shape. has one of the knife holders broken it could be repaired it also has the rivet post for the ledger plates missing though that could be made with out too much trouble. this one has holders for both regular mower sections and combine sections to drive the ledgers out as well as a place to rivet your wrist pins. $100 or OBO

    Please email if you are interested. We are located in Thorndike Maine but would be willing to ship



    I would be willing to buy one or two of these. I’ll be in Jay, ME March 25-28 if you could get them there one of those evenings. Unfortunately I wont’ be able to go offsite except maybe late at night.


    yeah that is fine. I could get one there. too they are small enough to fit into a flat rate shipping box for about $15 if you wanted to go that way aswell.



    Mailing is probably best. Can you send me one anvil to the address below. Send me your address and I’ll mail along a check. Thanks!

    Jay Fisher
    338 Borough Rd
    Charlestown, NH


    Please send check to

    Pheonix O’Brien
    34 berry rd
    Thorndike, Me

    do you want just a regular one or the JD also don’t know if you have an email I could send pictures to to pick the one you want two are the same one is different and one is JD


    also feel free to call 207-992-6020



    Thanks. Email is I may try to call you this weekend. I think I’ll use a regular anvil. I have a McCormick #7 mower.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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