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    Carl Russell

    One of the big pieces of feedback that we received during our recent forestry demonstration a the 2017 DAPFD in Cornish, NH, was the value of a functional and potentially comprehensive directory of folks who are providing DAP-forestry/logging services.

    We have tried to begin this several times, but generally without adequate resources, so, for example, we end up with a list of four providers on the Logging and Forestry Services page of the DAPNet Forum….

    Facebook groups help us to see names and locations of other practitioners, and allow exchanges between us, but do very little for potential clients, or for advertising educational opportunities for apprentices and the general public.

    In the end, this approach leaves us kind of languishing professionally….. although I am impressed, and proud to be a part of such a steadfastly committed and professional group who continue improve and grow this community of shared craft.

    Here are two links to European organizations that try to accomplish some of the same goals that many of us have expressed.

    Brad Johnson and I were speaking about this conundrum that we find ourselves in. While it seems simple enough to just compile an excel sheet, or database, and link it to a website, that volunteer approach inevitably leaves us with no one to keep it fresh, and no resources to build it out.

    I had some suggestions recently about grants and/or private sponsorship, and I know that there are a few of us who would put some time into organization, but ultimately, from my experience with this for nearly 20 years, we should seriously consider finding a way to support a webmaster designer to create a multi-faceted resource site.

    I have a lot of contacts, and enjoy the process of networking and connecting people and resources. I am very committed to the idea of building some formal way of organizing ourselves so that we can improve opportunities for others who want to do what we do, so I will continue to contribute as heavily as I can.

    I do not have any personal agenda to accomplish here, other than to show the value of putting in the time and effort, and would be very happy to work to others with energy and interest. It is very hard for us to fit the time in with our normal responsibilities, but everything of value in our communities must come from people who commit themselves to go above and beyond. It can be exhausting, and many of us have been frustrated at times by the apparent lack of progress, but that is the cost of breaking new ground….

    Chew on that for a bit, and let’s see what we can work out, Carl



    This is one of the issues that the BoD will be trying to address this fall. From my experience in the non-profit world organizations quickly grow out of the volunteer based efforts into working with either paid contractors or staff to ensure accountability and follow through for these types of initiatives.

    Judging from my short time with DapNet I have seen a huge amount of progress based on a very small motivated group. If we can iron out a few small growing pains we will all see great things come from this network.

    I really appreciated what you said at the field days about being present in the moment, it resonates with who I want to be an why I work with animals.


    Carl Russell

    Jared, Just to be clear, this is not necessarily a request for DAPNet to play any role in finding or delivering the solution for a DAP-loggers directory, or association. If that turns out to be part of the solution, great, but in the long-run this distinct group, could, and perhaps should, find its own format… I think everything should be on the table, and nothing should hinder forward motion.

    I should have clarified when I spoke at DAPFD that the present I saw around me was a beaming success in my eyes. It was not the present that I started from 30 years ago, and in many ways it is the future that I have been working toward (more to go for sure). What little I had to do with our present community was because when I had opportunities to give time and resources, to promote others, and to try to break down barriers to access, I did. I believe that only when I am present, not distracted with how things could be different(better), am I prepared to take advantage of opportunities that present themselves. Having an eye toward how our efforts effect/benefit others is also a big part of being in a community.

    Thanks for your energy and commitment, Carl



    That makes sense. You brought this topic up a while back as well and it has been on my mind ever since.

    I think some sort of unified body will help present DAP-loggers as a professional industry, and create pathways for forest owners and foresters to find us.

    Despite the fact that I do not put a lot of faith in certifications; many people do use certifications as a way of finding a service provider that has been vetted. Maybe our group of DAP-loggers would either carry some sort of certification, or serve a similar purpose of vetting us as a professional service.

    Does Healing Harvest have a way of addressing this same question?


    Carl Russell

    Yes, HHFF uses peer and community review, BHL uses peer review, as opposed to 3rd party review, such as Society of American Foresters provides for professional foresters.

    I hold little or no value in the concept of certification either, but there is no doubt that some standards operating procedures or philosophy can build unanimity across a field of practice that allows the group/association/guild to validate the professionalism and delivery of services of the individual members.

    One of the biggest challenges that I see, is that the effort and results are bigger than each of us individually. We all are full to the brim with the work of making our own operations successful, and finding the catalyst that pulls us together with funding to push on at this level is sometimes bewildering……



    I’m not sure where this would best be posted for visibility. If I should re-post elsewhere, please let me know.

    I attended the first NEAPFD in 2007. At one of those early events, I heard Jason Rutledge speak and was convinced of his philosophy right off the bat and have remembered some of the things he said all these years. I missed some years in there, but once again attended this year’s DAPFD.

    In 2005, my son (12 at the time) bought two young bull calves and trained them for several years. For a variety of reasons (we didn’t have pasture so had to buy hay or borrow pasture and other troubles…), we didn’t keep them. I have been yearning to get another team to train for some time, but even if I did, it would be some time before they would be big enough to do significant work.

    I now find myself in the position of being the steward of the land my mom purchased in 2000, and I need some land cleared for pasture. I woke up very early yesterday morning and realized DAPNet might have a solution to my dilemma.

    I would like to connect with an experienced teamster (horses or oxen) who could help me come up with a plan for this land, as well as do some clearing for pasture. I am in Acworth, New Hampshire. There are about 30 acres here. There are existing skidder trails (logged about 30-40 years ago) which I would like to keep open for walking, cross country skiing, and working access trails. We have removed some of the saplings in the skidder trails over the past 17 years. It would be a quick job to open them up completely again. I haven’t seen any trees larger than about 5″ diameter in the trails. The land is very accessible with nice nearly-level trails and very little steep land which doesn’t have to be bothered with unless someone wants to do it.

    This is not about making money to me. It is about taking care of this land and opening up some areas so I may some day (soon…) have the grazing space to have a cow or two.

    My mom purchased this land in 2000. We moved here to homestead, but it was a big learning curve, not being able to identify trees initially, and even when we could do so, not knowing which trees we should cut and which ones we should leave.

    My mom actually contacted a horse logger almost 20 years ago, to log her property in Chesterfield, but the prospective buyer (town of Chesterfield) didn’t want the land logged. They convinced my mom (a Vietnam widow) the land was worth the same with or without the huge pine trees so she just sold it to them and then bought this land in Acworth. The town of Chesterfield then proceeded to log the land and they got the money instead. Anyway, the point is, we have been interested in animal power for quite a while.

    If there is someone who is interested in some DAP logging work, please contact me. I met some nice teamsters at DAPFD this year and would like to talk to someone who would be interested in working with me on this project.

    Since a connection like this will involve ongoing interaction, there must be a significant level of trust. I hope to connect with someone who is honest, experienced, and completely trustworthy.

    Deanne Sanville

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