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    Bill Doyle

    I am making a change in my Saddle and Harness repair business and went to all Adler sewing machines. So I am offering my  Landis machines For Sale.  I have a #1 and a #3 both are in use in my shop now but I need the room for my Adler.  Asking price is $900 for the #1 and $1900 for the #3.  Just thought someone on here would maybe want to build or repair their own harness.  ———Bill

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    Mike Rock

    Drop me a line., please.

    Would like to look at the nr. 3.

    Most respectfully,


    Bill Doyle

    The  #3 is SOLD. I still have the #1 if anyone is interested.   Thanks——————-Bill



    Do you still have the #1 for sale?
    Where are you located?
    Can you ship?

    Thank you,

    Steve Barrus
    Steve Barrus Belt and Holster

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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