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    Started building a forecart on the weekend. most of the material so far has come from a heavy duty shipping pallet that I’ve cut up. still have make some gussets for the where the shafts will attach, make an attachment point for the single tree.
    It started raining Sunday night so I switched to making an oak wagon style seat with a back rest to replace the bus seat in the pictures.

    I have a couple of questions for you guys.
    1. single tree location. I have a neck collar style harness, should I attach the tree the way they are on the pioneer forecarts or should I attach lower as to make a straight line from the collar to the axle?
    2. when I sit on the cart and lean back I can lift the shafts up a bit. I was trying for as little weight on the shafts as I could get, but do you think I went too far? would I be better to have some weight on the shafts and not be able to tip the shafts up by leaning back?
    3. not sure if you can see in the pictures but I used spring tines off a cultivator and welded them to the frame. and welded angles to the top for seat brackets. (Father-in-law says welding spring steel is a no-no.) can you think of any alternatives setups?


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    Nice work! That will be a sturdy and cheap forecart!

    1. I have a Pioneer and one with the shafts lower and I prefer the Pioneer setup. Tight turning is much easier for your horse. No rubbing the shafts.
    2. That’s ok, in fact with the Pioneer there is too much weight on the horseback when single. I think their design is really for a team setup.
    3. Buy yourself a pioneer seat or make an identical one and weld the stem the same way, the Pioneer is for short people only, I made myself one, four inches higher and think its great. Better for your back when seated for hours.

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