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    I have an IH 2 way plow and the one share seems to have some damage done to it causing it to turn poorly and stick to the moldboard. Does something like this seem like it could be the cause of turning poorly and if so is there a way to fix it?

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    Does it have good suction? Did someone try sharpening it?


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    Looks to me like you need to polish that thing. Soil will stick to the rusty surface and give you no end of trouble. Clean it up with a wire wheel and then use a red brick and scrape it till it shines. Be careful not to scratch it.



    The share and moldboard have been polished a few times to no avail, got them shining as best I could. It’s rusty now because it have been using the 2 way as a one way (using only the other side) to get the job done, so it just sits there unscoured.

    It seems to have good suction, as good as the other, undamaged side, but the soil just accumulates on the moldboard for the most part, making it a harder pull and not turning so easily. I am plowing mostly a mix of grass/clover/weeds that is a little over a year old. Plowed in a handful of different soil conditions (drier vs wetter), same results.

    What do you mean by sharpen it Erika? It Lynn Miller’s plow book he mentions a couple times to use a forge and such. Does one need experience with plows and plow sharpening or do you think I could bring it to a farrier friend and we could figure it out?


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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