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    Jesse Kayan

    Wild Carrot Farm in Brattleboro, Vermont is hiring a seasonal farm apprentice for the 2018 season. The position is 40-45 hours a week, March through October.

    We are looking for an apprentice to be an integrated part of our diversified farm operation. Beginning in early spring the apprentice will be involved in all (or most) aspects of animal chores, planning, planting, field prep, cultivating, field work, haymaking, marketing, harvesting, machinery maintenance and repair, animal care, slaughter and butcher, and building construction. The responsibilities will vary week to week and with the interests of the worker, though the emphasis will be support of the vegetable operation. We are a small, family operation and power most of our field work with draft horses. It is our hope to train the apprentice in draft horse skills early in the season so as to be comfortable with their use by the height of the season.

    Because we need someone to work in all aspects of the farm, we are looking for someone who is curious, open minded, and willing to try new things. We hope to find someone who wants to be more than a farm worker and take part in the decision-making, design, and implementation of the season. There will be plenty of grunt work that all of us do including weeding, thinning, rainy-day harvests, and tedious plantings, but our work will be varied and we will rarely ask apprentices to do work that the owners do not do as well. While strength is an advantage, we are committed to making the position work for people of all ages and genders.

    For a more detailed job description as well as more info about the farm, please visit our website at or call us at 802-579-1261.

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