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    wild millers

    Thought we would share a few photos from some field work this spring on the new farm in Palermo. We opened one acre last summer that will be the market garden this summer. That soil feels great this spring, the sod is completly broken and lots of crops already planted in it.

    The horses are in good condition and spirits, they have taken happily to the spring work after a winter of little employment.

    The manure spreader is running nicely, this is going to be one of our most important tools for bringing back these old fields.

    The plow is also running nicely on one bottom, I’m having some trouble getting the right hand bottom to plow correctly but at least I can work the left.

    Now we begin opening the remaining 4 acres that will become the new market garden in the
    years to come. We have been dreaming of getting the plow in the back field since we first saw the place in fall of 2013. Now having run our first furrows it has been worth the wait, the soil feels amazing, not many rocks (but a few big ones) and the opening furrow was straight…perhaps a good sign. 500 ft. rows on flat, well drained land feels too good to be true. We needed to use orange flagging tape on the step in fence posts that were marking out the plowing to be able to see the far end of the plowed ground.

    Above all, we are happy, healthy and extremely grateful. Happy growing season to you all.

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    Ed Thayer

    Amazing photos of your farm, very impressive furrows there for such a long run. Good luck with your growing season.



    wild millers

    Thanks Ed, good luck to you as well.


    Does’ Leap

    Nice to hear about your new farm and see some pictures. Thanks for sharing and good luck with the growing season. We are at full throttle here in northern Vermont with our farm. The weather changed quickly and grass is growing. Finally got some rain after a prolonged dry spell.



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