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    Once again I find myself in the position to place two really nice horses. I love this team. As many of you know, I take on horses in need of rehab from injuries and such. I always fall in love with these big lugs and hate the day I need to move them on to working situations, but that’s part of the deal. So I have a nice percheron team available for work this spring. JD and Ripple. Both have recovered from injuries and will never be suitable for the show ring, but are totally suitable for farm work.

    Both horses are 8 or 9. Beginner safe as a team, though would need careful conditioning for full time work. JD works well as a single or as a team. Ripple is rock solid as a team…unconfident as a single (though manageable by someone with experience).

    I am looking for a free lease situation. I am not 100% sure this team will hold up to regular work (but am pretty sure they will), so I would send them out to the right situation for the season and make it a permanent situation if it works out.

    The perfect situation would be a new market farm where the horses are gradually introduced to more work. These two work well together and are unflappable.

    JD is probably the nicest horse I have ever worked with. Rides and drives as a single or team. He came off a farm in NY where Tim Biello worked him on a diversified farm. Shoulder injury. Still walks with a limp but sound at the trot and ready for work.

    Ripple came off an Amish farm through the New Holland auction. He is a sweetheart and mischievous by nature. Rides and drives. OCD in the stifles brought him to me. He needs some conditioning, but is a solid working horse.

    Please email me or message me if interested. Jennifer.

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